English for Bilingual Students

Wednesdays, 2:30 pm to 4:30 pm

Dear parents

Our Bilingual English course will continue after the summer vacation at the usual time on Wednesday afternoon.  This program has been designed to accommodate the needs of English-speaking children nine to thirteen attending Swiss schools.  The class begins at 14:30 with an optional writing period lasting until 16:30.  During this time students can write their own stories that I will help them with as needed.  Tutorat Ägeri has already published one book of stories written by participants in the Bilingual English program, and we are prepared to publish another one as soon as we have enough material.


At 15:30 the writing period ends, and the regular class begins.  The class consists of the reading of adult-level texts concerning historical or cultural subjects that interest the students.  This work is designed to improve both their vocabularies and their reading abilities.  Appropriate grammar exercises for native-speakers will also be done as necessary.  The class usually ends with a video presentation in English that is related to the texts read at the beginning of the class.  Blingual English ends just before 17:00. 


I want to emphasize that this course has been designed to be fun for the students and to help them maintain their English skills at a level appropriate to or even beyond those of their age group.  Charles Hohmann and I both look forward to having your sons and daughters in our Bilingual English course.

Mark Johnson


Why take this course

Your children can benefit from these additional language classes in many ways. Not only will they help them become true bilinguals but also, as research has shown, improve their overall language competence, i.e. the course will also have a positive effect on other languages they are learning (e.g. German, French).


If you want to find out more about research on bilingualism please visit the Facebook page of Tutorat Ägeri (https://www.facebook.com/tutorataegeri) and our blog (http://linguotutor.blogspot.ch/). I am also curating information on language acquisition on my tweeter account (https://twitter.com/linguotutor). Please retweet any information you might find valuable to your friends.

Charles Hohmann

Mark Johnson

Mark Johnson, who will give the course, has a B.A. in Philosophy and a Master of Fine Arts degree and has been teaching English to youngsters and adults in Switzerland for more than thirty years and is well known for his lively classes.