Our formula for a home stay (14-18 yrs) in Switzerland

Host Family

The host family, their two children (girl 16; boy 14), a dog and two rabbits, live in a large house on the lake of Ägeri (Kanton Zug, Switzerland). The language spoken in the family is German. A guest has his own bedroom, a room for study and leisure time, a small kitchen as well as a private bathroom at his disposition. The program is on a full board basis including breakfast, snack lunch and dinner. Classes are given in the nearby language school Tutorat Ägeri.

Sports and activities

Since the house is by the lake, all watersports are available. There are a whole host of activities to choose from including, tennis, swimming, kayaking, kickboxing and cinema to name a few. Zug is host city to many cultural events.

Language tuition

Language methodology is based on total immersion, tailored to the individual student’s needs and supported by an internet platform (blended learning). All language teachers employed by the school are native speakers of the languages they teach and qualified. Languages offered are German, French and English or a combination of two languages.



Board daily:   CHF 200.00                                         Board weekly: CHF 1’400.00  (7 days)

Tuition daily: CHF 240.00                                         Tuition weekly: CHF 1’440.00 (6 days)

(4 lessons lasting 55’ at CHF 60.00 per lesson) 


Daily fee: CHF 440.00                                                Weekly fee CHF 2’840.00 (7 days)


Other arrangments on demand.


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